How To Order

Follow this simple guide to order from us =)

Method 1: Buying Directly from

1. Click on the Order Form at the top bar.
2. Complete the order form and submit.
* Alternatively, send your order to
3. Receive our confirmation email within a few days.
4. Make payment to

Our POSB Savings Bank Account
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 081
Account number: 404-24199-0
* Cash:
for self-collection only.
* PayPal/Credit Card:
A 5% surcharge will be added to the order total if you wish to pay using PayPal/credit card. Orders paid in this method will have to be shipped using registered mail.

5. Your order will be shipped out once payment is received/confirmed. Tracking no. will be provided if available.

Method 2: Buying from Qoo10

If you would like to purchase from our Qoo10 shop, you can visit to place your order.

Note: Product prices (without coupons) in our Qoo10 store may be higher as transaction fees are involved when making transactions in Qoo10.